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Handmade handwoven pink pattern rug
Handmade handwoven pink pattern rug on a chair
Close up details of handmade handwoven pink pattern rug
Rolled up close up of handmade handwoven pink pattern rug

Yeshi Pink Upcycled Rug

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65 x 120cm

Our Yeshi rug blends pastel, magenta and burgundy shades with black and white accents.

Upcycled from leftover materials, buying one of our rugs not only means supporting sustainable practices (and helping save the planet); you'll also be the proud owner of a truly one of a kind product as no two pieces are the same. 

Our rugs are the perfect size to be completely versatile. They work well just about anywhere in the home; as a bathroom mat, a hallway runner or under a coffee table in the living room. 

All of our products are hand made on wooden looms using sustainably sourced, hand-spun Ethiopian cotton.

Due to the nature of these handmade products, sizes may vary slightly.  

Suitable for machine washing.