The Process

The Process

 All of our products are hand made in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Grown in various Ethiopian regions including Gambela, Afar and Gondar - and sourced from local farmers, the raw cotton is then converted into yarn. 

Next is the warp yarn sizing, which involves adding a protective coating to the yarn ahead of weaving. Following this is the pirn winding and warping ready for the sample product to be made. Once the sample is approved, the weaving begins.

Each product is hand woven using traditional wooden looms; the operation of which requires a high level of expertise. The process takes an immense amount of skill and patience with each piece taking several hours to complete. 

Many of our pieces include a fringed edge design; this fringing is completed by hand-twisting the cotton at the product's edge. Once the design is complete, the last steps include hand washing, air drying and ironing. Finally, quality checks are made to ensure each piece is completed to a high standard, before being shipped across the world to your doorstep.