Blankets and Throws | Elias | Thirteen Months
Handmade cotton orange and pink blanket on sofa
Handmade cotton orange and pink blanket laid on sofa

Elias Pink Throw Blanket

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90 x 200 cm

The Elias gabi is naturally off-white with orange, pink and burgundy detail and a fringed edge.

The gabi is at the heart of Ethiopian tradition. It holds deep cultural significance and is used by people across the country of all genders and ages. 

Traditionally worn as loosely draped clothing for the colder months, our gabis can also be used all around the home as throws for the sofa, armchair, or bed. Made from luxuriously soft hand-spun Ethiopian cotton these pieces will bring warmth and character to any living space.

One of our 'michot' or comfort gabis, the Elias gabi has a slightly finer weave, creating a lighter feel. 

All of our products are hand made on wooden looms using sustainably sourced, hand-spun Ethiopian cotton.

Due to the nature of these handmade products, sizes may vary slightly. 

Suitable for machine washing.