Winter Warming

Winter Warming

Winter is around the corner, and if I’m honest, I’m not mad about it. I’m a sucker for the Christmas season; the food, family time, decorations, shopping. However, as we edge towards the whirlwind of the festive period, I’m keen to embrace the other elements of winter that make the season so special. Many of us will be hosting dinners and gatherings at home, preparing our homes to look and feel its best for our guests, but it's important to do this for ourselves too. As Camille Styles puts it, ‘home is a place for gathering, uniting, and celebrating. But home is also a place for slowing down, getting cozy, and wintering.’ So on that note, here’s some simple ideas to get you in that winter mood and making those evenings at home after a day at the office or out in the cold even sweeter. 


We all know how much of an impact a beautiful hallway can have on guests entering your home, but it’s an easy space to take for granted in our everyday lives. The great thing about them is that they are generally small and require minimal effort for maximum results. Adding an oil diffuser is perhaps the easiest way to start, scents such as cardamom and cinnamon are particularly lush around this time of year. Introducing a garland or some wintery plants are also a super easy way to add warmth to the entrance of your home. For something a bit more modern, brightly colored dried flowers can transform the space, or for a more classic option, plants like pine, eucalyptus and mimosa are the perfect warming accessory. 

hallway christmas decorations


If you’re like me, winter time is when you start to really get into home cooking. I’m an especially big fan of one pot stews and soups that feed the soul and last a good few days. Make your kitchen the heart of the home by introducing some ambient lighting through lamps or simple twinkling fairy lights to the counter tops or shelving. Natural textures are also a lovely way to cosy up the kitchen; think cotton tea towels and rustic wooden chopping boards and utensils. 

Home office 

Working from home is here to stay, and as the darker months arrive it’s especially important to make your home office as productive yet comfortable as possible. I find scented candles to be the perfect easy desktop addition in winter. There’s something particularly cosy and stress-reducing about the soft flicker of fire whilst tapping away on a laptop. Artwork is another simple touch that can transform a desk space at home. Finding prints that inspire your creativity, as well as a feeling of calm, can really elevate your home office to a space you really want to be in.