Nurture your space

2020 has been a curveball year to say the least. When planning the launch of Thirteen Months we certainly didn’t include ‘global pandemic’ to our list of possible first year hurdles. And yet here we are. It goes without saying that it has been a testing time for us as a new business, as individuals and as a family. Just like the rest of the world, we’ve each had to adapt and find new ways of working, socialising and living. My biggest lesson? You can't always be in control, and that’s OK! This is such an important lesson not only in business but in life because let’s face it, none of us know what next year will throw at us…

With a lack of mobility and options in general (shall I work in my bedroom or the kitchen today?), comes a new found joy in staying at home, pausing and nurturing our space. Yes some days it can feel monotonous and confined. But most days I feel grateful for an extra hour in bed and more time to spend with loved ones in the spaces we often neglect. Sometimes a tiny plant purchase, or finally hanging up that picture that’s been rolled up in the corner of your storage cupboard can lift your mood and make you appreciate the little things. If we’re going to spend more time at home then we should enjoy our spaces and nurture them.

Nesting is a word I've heard a lot lately - one I used to think meant preparing your home for the arrival of a baby, but that I now associate more generally with tending to your personal space. I see this as a huge act of self-care. I no longer see my home as a place just to eat and sleep but somewhere I can grow, work, be productive, (be unproductive) and most importantly enjoy. After all, one day things could go back to normal and we’ll be longing for that bedroom to kitchen commute. 



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