Getting Started on your Home Style

Having spent so much time at home over the last few months, I’ve found myself obsessing over new ways to style my home. Bathroom, Storage space, DIY, Balcony Ideas, you name it, I have a mood board for it. There is so much inspo out there it can sometimes feel a bit counterproductive to the actual implementation of it. I can get caught up in trying to decide on a theme or style for a room that I end up not knowing where to start. Ever found yourself in a similar rut? These tips might be of some help. 

  • Go with your gut
  • One thing that I’ve found really helps in getting started is going for pieces that I am instantly drawn to. When we were first decorating our flat we found a side table in a vintage shop and just couldn’t leave it behind. We didn’t put too much thought into where it was going to go, just that it would find a place in our home. Now it sits perfectly in our hallway and fits right in! The rest just falls into place. 

  • Choose a colour scheme 
  • This is one of my favourite tips as it’s so simple but makes such a huge impact. Choose two or three (more than three and the room might start to feel overbearing) colours as your foundation colour scheme. For example, in our living room, greens, reds and browns dominate, with other tones fitting in nicely around them. This instantly ties everything together and makes the decor feel more considered. 

  • Get crafty
  • The furniture you buy or source doesn’t have to be exactly how you want it to start with. So much is possible with a little DIY. You might have a piece of furniture in mind but can’t find the exact item anywhere. Instead of wasting time trying to locate the dream piece, try thinking of alternative ways to create it. It might just require a simple base and a bit of creativity, and the results are always so rewarding.


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