Bringing Spring Home

Bringing Spring Home

We love the lead up to the changing seasons, in fact we think they're the best bit of each year. And right now, we are loving the feeling of Winter gradually approaching Spring. With more sunny days and finally an increase from freezing temperatures, as well as Valentine's day, Easter, Mother's Day and bank holiday's galore, the introduction of Spring is as welcome as ever. 

One way to really embrace this moment is to introduce the season inside our homes, and what's great is how easy it is to achieve this effectively. Christmas doesn't have to be the only season we transform our homes for! 

Here are some ideas we've put together to inspire you to bring some spring into your home and truly embrace the beginning of the changing season. 

Spring Flowers 

Possibly the simplest transformation with the biggest reward, flowers are always a go-to when sprucing or mixing up your home decor. Tulips are on constant rotation in our house around Spring, and we love to switch up the colours from deep pinks and purples to brighter yellows and corals. Daffodils, Baby breath, Eucalyptus, and Hyacinths in fresh yellows and whites are also a perfect seasonal addition. 

Switching your ornaments and art work

Another easy home hack; simply switch your current art work and ornaments around in different areas of the house to give each room a refresh. It might seem small, but if you have shelving units or mantlepieces holding the same decorative items year round, a little switch up will elevate a familiar space to something that feels brand new. When it comes to art work, try swapping your hallway pieces for those in the living room, or the ones above your desk for the photos by your bed. These little touches may spark inspiration and even encourage you to appreciate them in a new light. You can even switch frames around give your old art work a whole new look. 

Eating seasonally 

A slightly different idea in the way of home decor, seasonal eating can really make a difference to how your home feels. Having these ingredients around the kitchen instantly make it feel like a haven for Spring, not to mention the smells when cooking them. Keep an eye out for recipes that include fruit and veg that are best enjoyed at this time of year. Spring onions, swede, cucumber, wild garlic, artichoke, beetroot, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, kale, leeks, wild nettles, radishes, rhubarb, spinach, spring greens and parsnips are among some of the best seasonal produce to eat around this time.