WFH Work Space

WFH Work Space

Given that many of us are still working from home and many workplaces have now adopted more flexible working plans for the future, it only feels right to prioritise your working from home set up. 

Personally, I have spent the majority of the past year working at my dining table, which though comfortable enough, is starting to feel a bit samey. This is especially as the dining room doubles as the living room so my daily commute from table to sofa at the end of the day totals all of about two metres. 

I’ve decided it is time to create a secondary home work space so that I have options. In the same way that a lot of regular offices have a variety of work spaces such as break-out areas, group tables, standing desks, I think it’s important to mix up your work environment as much as possible. Think of one space being for when you really need to get your head down and focus, and the other for more relaxed working, life admin, etc. Of course this is a bit of a luxury and it depends on how much space you have at home, but a little can really go a long way in terms of spending and space. Five minutes on home interior pages on Instagram or Pinterest will show you how much you can achieve with a desk, a little storage and some minimal decor. 

When you’re designing your space, think of things that inspire positivity as well as productivity. Personally, bright, warm colours like yellows, oranges and reds instantly lift my mood, so I’d think about incorporating these into my workspace. I also find that clean lines and minimal spaces encourage me to focus, so I am looking at desks that have a neat modern style with simple but effective storage compartments. The right artwork can also really elevate a study space; incorporate art that inspires and uplifts you, whilst thinking about a colour palette that works with your room. Flowers and plants brighten up any space and should be a staple feature in your work area if you are a fan, especially during lockdown when time in nature is scarce. 

And lastly, remember to shop small, or second-hand, if possible! It’s such a treat discovering unique local businesses or pre-loved gems on Gumtree, Etsy and Ebay and makes the process so rewarding. Enjoy decorating!